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Pet Illustrations

• Price is $40-$55+

Animated Intros

CLOSED• Closed indefinitely, will be updated here and Twitter once they reopen

Reference Sheets

• Starting at $150-$350+• More poses, higher cost (generally, consider it ~$80/pose)• Less refs, higher cost (design fee)


• Starting at $30/emote (subject to go higher if design or pose is complicated)• Animated emotes are an option. Price varies ($40+)

By commissioning, you agree to the above terms of service (click button to read).Something you don't see here? Please DM or email for specific quotes!


Demo Reel


Music Videos

I worked on these! Prices vary based upon character and animation complexity. For more details, email or DM me on any of my socials!

Terms of Service

Anything stated below can be discussed and changed, so long as it is with me discussed prior to the commission.


• I have the right to refuse any commissions.• Unless otherwise stated, the works received are for personal use only. If a commission is to be used commercially, an additional fee will be discussed.• The commissioner has permissions to post the finished work (with given credit) and use them as icons, banners, etc.• All commissioned artwork (or personal works) MAY NOT be resold or printed for sale on third party websites.• Removal or altering of watermarks require my consent.


• Payment plans are done case-by-case. Generally, half upfront is expected before beginning, and the other half before receiving an unwatermarked, full resolution file.• After partial payments are sent, if work has already been done and the commissioner cancels, the partial payment will be kept and not refunded. The commissioner will not receive a full resolution file unless full payment is received.• Payment is generally done using PayPal. Zelle also works.


• The client will receive WIPs during the process of creating their piece. In general, these will be thumbnails, rough sketches, and refined sketches for major revisions.• After the sketch phase has been approved, major changes are no longer allowed without an extra fee. Minor changes are allowed (e.g. color changes).• After final approval of the piece, no more changes can be done. If the client would like to reach back out for some rework on a past piece, it can be done at an additional fee.


• The client must specify if a piece is to be used commercially.• If a piece is being used commercially, an additional fee will be added to the normal quoted price.